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Your hair is important to you, a good hair stylist is someone who respects that importance, someone you can trust and someone that can exceed all your expectations.

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Client transformations to more length and body with hair extensions

Want more length? Want more body? Want it now? Hair extensions are a great option to achieve these goals. Lavender and Lace Salon is a certified Great Lengths hair extensions salon. Great Lengths hair extensions are the best option for 100% real hair extensions and the most natural look. More about Great Lengths

Client transformations with Colors, Cuts & Styles

Whether you just need a trim or a whole new transformation, Hillary Small, loves your hair and wants to be a part of it. Enjoy this portfolio of clients that Hillary is very proud of and clients are ecstatic about too. While you're looking, do not hesitate to show Hillary a certain style or color you love. It would be great to reference next time you're in the salon. This portfolio is routinely updated with new styles and trends, so come back and visit any time!

I hope you enjoyed this portfolio of clients I have earned trust with and have grown to be a huge part in the care for their hair.

Please come back for new images and always check out my Instagram page for the freshest posts!  Refer to any of these if there is a style you would like to have done to your hair!