I've never owned my own salon before!!!

Wow what a whirlwind

Beginning of Lavender and Lace Hair Salon - Grand Opening - Asheville NC

Wow what a whirlwind. Out of no where the opportunity came up for me to open up a small salon in downtown Asheville with my partner in hair crime Chelsea Goode. The new salon will be a Sola suite and in my personal opinion its the prettiest space there. It has large windows looking over downtown with some mountain views. It's got a great urban vibe. I couldn't be more excited and petrified all at the same time. All of a sudden I"m making all these decisions like paint colors, different fonts for my website, furtiture, fixtures, towels and the list goes on from there. I knew it wouldn't be easy but whew my goodness. Things seem to be taking shape Chelsea and I randomly came up with a name yesterday that seems to really stick and goes great with the theme of the salon. Drum roll please............................. the salon name will be called "Lavender and Lace." Chelsea came up with it after saying " I love our theme and colors with all the lavender and lace,
 and then boom it hit us both "Lavender and lace that has a nice ring to it." Well we couldn't be more busy, excited and nervous all at the same time." We are literally moving at the busiest time of the year with the holidays fast approaching us. This weekend will be the big set up and next week will be our first week at the new salon. What I'm happiest about and always keeps me smiling is my clients continued support. Every single one of you I told I was leaving I was very very nervous. Satitics show that a stylist will lose up to 30% of their clientelle during a switch to a new salon. Everyone of you I told just basically said "um duh I'm going with you and I'm so proud of you." I can't tell you how much this warms my heart and keeps me motivated to be the best stylist I can be for you! I put a lot of pride and effort into every head of hair I do and for the clients that have been with me for years we've shared so much personal experiences, growth, laughter and tears through the years. I can't tell you how important these bonds are to me and I'm thankful everyday for your continued support. So please wish me luck and take my hand as I take a huge leap for my future!  

Much Love