Happy 2018! A hair stylist goals for 2018.

Opening an Asheville Hair Salon, and now, what next?
2018 here I come!

Happy 2018!  Wow!
It is January 10th already and I am just now getting to this Blog for new years! Busy is good, especially right at the get-go of the new year I suppose! As long as I post this before January is over, it should be good, right?   ;)

Well 2017 has come and gone and what a ride it’s been. From getting certified in Great Lengths hair extensions, to moving from a salon of six years and opening up my own salon. It has been a non stop roller coaster for sure!  I am so happy with the growth I’ve done and I couldn’t be more flattered by my clients. My clients have been my support system and knowing they're happy has been the greatest reward in itself. They have been my back bone all throughout this process. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Goals are important, and I commit to them much more then resolutions. So rather then just another blog about what I am giving up and resolving, I thought I would talk about what I am going for! What is my game plan for 2018. This might help me with accountability and it would be lovely to read this a year later and see how I did.

Hillary Loves Hair Goal For Hair Salon 2018 Asheville NC

Goals for 2018 - Continue Education for Hair Extensions, Color, Cuts

I have a ton of goals for 2018 and I could go on and on so I’ll just list a few.
Making Lavender & Lace even better. Chelsea and I want to decorate even more. Adding more lace, perhaps discovering and customizing some new music playlists. How about another chandelier! :)  I think at this point, the best way to make Lavender and Lace better and to make a better experience for you is by growing my education! I'm good, but I want nothing but the best for you!

First I want to continue my education in hair extensions. Have you ever got hair extensions and suddenly you were hooked? Well, that's me but on the hair stylists end. I'm hooked and want to learn more about all the things I can do with extensions and similar mediums. I have so many ideas on the limitless things you can do with hair extensions. So, firstly, I plan to get my certification in thermal fusion with Great Lengths. Even though I am proficient with both, thermal fusion keratin bonding and cold fusion keratin bonding, by doing this I will have dual certifications with Great Lengths. I bet I'll even learn something new I never noticed before when I go through the week long course. Especially since I am already familiar, I will be able to talk more with the instructors about the tricks of the trade and any other little things you Google for hours about and you still cannot find an answer to.


To follow that, I would love to get my certification in American Hairlines. American Hairlines is a company associated with Great Lengths that works with hair pieces. American Hairlines offers the ultimate solution in non-surgical hair replacement for men and women. This would be ideal for clients with female or male patterned baldness. I would love to offer clients new and old this service. See, I told you, about the extensions, I'm hooked! So many ideas, so many things we can do.

Arrojo School Hair Studio Hair Cut Razor Cut Education

You all know I love to color and I'm loving the extensions but I have to stay on point with my cuts too. Mastering all three allows for me to be more of the full service salon I am offering! I’m hoping to make it back to NYC to the Arrojo studios in July for Razor craft. I did this last year, and I am eager for more. Nick Arrojo is a master stylist, no no, he is a celebrity stylist and one of the best of the best! In addition to his 3 salons in NYC, he also offers continued education courses. One course is Razor craft, which is a week long course showcasing new skill levels with razor cutting. I love razor cutting. I’ve loved what I’ve learned in the past from these courses and I’m looking forward to learning more.

I think that is a full plate while running and growing the Salon. The limitless things to try out based on each goal I've already listed but If I can just list one more major educational thing that involves traveling far. It I would have to be to fly out to Santa Monica California and take a master coloring class with Shannon Rha. I’ve been following her work on Instagram for quite some time and would love to see what she would have to teach me. Here is a bio/interview about her, and if you read it you'll notice she say's in her interview  "Interview asks -"What are your kit essentials?  You will never catch me without my Arrojo razor, Reverie MILK."   -See there? - She knows about the Arrojo Razor too! To round everything off with meeting Shannon and completing some of her color courses would really amp up the well rounded plan I have. Excelling at Extensions/Cutting/Color. Sounds about right!

Razor Cutting Arrojo School - Hair Style Hair Cuts Education

Last but definitely not least I want to continue going to Atlanta and learning all I can from Jacob Khan and all of his talented stylists at Jacob K. Hair. They are all so amazing and very down to earth. They cover everything on the ins and outs of hair styling, I have visited a few of his classes this year and I always leave with something new, re-charged and inspired. 

So with all that being said I’m hoping for another amazing year. I look forward to growing and expanding my business not just for me but to be able to offer my clients everything they would want in a stylist. At the end of the day, my goal for every year is to make my clients happy and excited about their hair and to be one of the best hair stylist they could ever find.

So cheers to a happy and healthy 2018!

Hillary ~ Hilary Loves Hair!